Phototherapy Program

Coming Soon in 2013!!!

For more than three decades, phototherapy has
been the standard for treating neonatal jaundice.

The benefits of utilizing phototherapy devices instead of sunlight include: 24 hour treatment, greater efficacy by narrowing the spectral range to 430-490nm, improved temperature regulation due to smaller exposed surface area, and the elimination of harmful UV irradiation to the patient from sunlight exposure.

The BiliBee is revolutionizing the phototherapy industry by providing a completely portable and
maintenance free system by eliminating the fiber optic cable found on competitors’ phototherapy systems.

The BiliBee is a highly portable device that utilizes an LED illuminator pad for the treatment of
neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia). Treatment is applied by placing the patient on the BiliBee pad while a disposable sheath separates the infant from the pad’s surface. Treatment is intended to be applied 24 hours a day until the infant’s bilirubin levels have been effectively lowered to an acceptable level according to AAP guidelines.

At home or on the go, the BiliBee provides intense treatment wherever it’s needed. The product is so convenient that both mother and infant will forget it’s there.